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Abby Hill

  • Staffing Representative

Bri MacRunnel

  • Customer Care Advisor

Heather Risatti

  • Marketing Director

Jason LaBue

  • Director of Digital

Jeff Thompson

  • Vice President

Jen Rehnberg

  • Registration Administrator

Jobe Lewis

  • International Director

Katie Ayres

  • Project Manager

Mark Ewing

  • Staffing Director

Michaela Russell

  • Project Manager

Mike Krantz

  • Workcamps Developer

Misty Huss

  • Customer Care Advisor

Pam Hilliard

  • Administrative Assistant

Robin Alm

  • International Mission Trip Advisor

Sarah Brase

  • Marketing Specialist

Stephanie Lewis

  • Customer Care Director

Susan Burton

  • Business Director

Tim Gilmour

  • President of Group Cares

Trent Russell

  • Staffing Representative

Tyler Wolfe

  • Program Production Manager

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